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About Us

General Education English Learning Program would strengthen the internationalization between the local and international students. The goal of the program is to enhance the culture exchange and competitiveness among students.

The target of the program is for international students who are pursuing a bachelor degree; however, the program also accepts trainees, exchange students, and overseas Chinese students, and we encourage the local students to choose and participate the courses of General Education English learning because of the need of internationalization.

The program will unify the resources from 12 partner schools in central region of Taiwan to establish a system which will be a platform of sharing resources for the participating partner schools.

The General Education English Learning Program can not only attract foreign students, but also local students. Besides, the program can strengthen the interaction of local students and foreign students; therefore, it will strength the motivation for local students to take English courses.

◎Introduction of the Host

College of Humanities and School Sciences 陳英輝(Dr. Yinghuei Chen)

PhD in English Literature. University of Maryland/College Park. U.S.A.
MA in Foreign Languages and Literature. National Taiwan University

Research Fields & Interests
Victorion Literature. The English Novel. Cultural Studies, Bussiness English. English for Specific Purposes (ESP), Material Writer